Choosing The Best Fly Screens For Windows

Your windows can let natural air and light flow into the interior of your home.

Alas, along with the light comes the dark: hordes of pests and allergens not to mention the eyes of rubbernecking neighbours..

best fly screens for windows

What’s the Difference Between Fixed Screens and Magnetic Fly Screens?

Because of these unwanted side effects of open windows and doors, screens are a popular add-on.

But not all screens were created equal, and you will need to decide on what variety of screen you want.

Best to make a more informed decision:

Fixed screens

Fixed screens do not retract, slide out of the way, and can not be removed….so once you install these you are stuck with them for good.

These screens come with a variety of extra features, such as being fire resistant or being welded on for increased security, and they also come in a variety of different styles to suit your specific taste.

Magnetic fly screens

Magnetic fly screens which are not fixed permanently in place, and can be easily stored away on days or during seasons when you want to have your windows open completely.

Magnetic window screens can be easily stored away and don’t take up to much room (if you choose to dismantle them).

Magnetic insect window frames are convenient for those who do not need protection from pests all year round.

window screens self installed singapore
singapore best window screens self installed

Great DIY window screen kit solution…..

We recently moved to a new home that has a number of casement windows with no screens. This wouldn’t be a problem, except that whenever we open our windows we almost instantly attract flies and insects. After doing a bit of research, it seemed like most of our options were going to be pricey with custom window screens needed to be made.

But then we stumbled across these DIY window screens, and are happy we did! I installed each screen in about 20 minutes. So far, they’re all holding up well. Although we haven’t tried to remove the magnetic strip that’s stuck to the window frame, the screen itself is easy to remove and reattach if needed.

Best of all, they work a treat – we can open the windows without having flies and insects invade our space. Definitely recommended for casement windows.

Jamie Vincent

Which type of screen is better?

Magnetic flyscreens are sometimes more convenient – especially for casement and push out windows, however fixed screens may be sufficient for some windows which don’t require being opened up entirely.

Keep the bugs out

Both fixed and magnetic screens are very effective against bugs.

Both are made from fine enough mesh to block all kinds of insects – mosquitoes, flies, wasps, or bees – out of your house.


Maintenance and cleaning

Both varieties of screens are very simple to maintain and to clean.

Although you can have them cleaned professionally periodically, for the most part it is enough to simply wipe them down from time to time with a damp cloth, since they will eventually build up a fair amount of dust and dirt.

Not obtrusive

In the case of magnetic screens which can be stored away altogether, these certainly have an advantage in terms of not getting physically in anyone’s way.

However even fixed screens can remain unobtrusive visually by choosing designs and colours that blend naturally into their surroundings.


Different options are available to be most convenient for your particular living space and habits.

If you are screening an upstairs bathroom window, say, that you are mostly just going to leave alone, then a fixed screen is likely all you need.

However in the case of say a kitchen window where you have herbs or spices growing on the exterior, you will likely want to be able to roll your screen out of the way in order to make small gardening jobs more convenient.

Not matter how you intend to use your window, the right sort of screen set-up is available.


Whether fixed or retractable, fly screens are great for allowing fresh air to circulate throughout your home without exposing to unwanted visitors.

Many options available

Screens today are available in such a wide range of colours, shapes, and sizes that you won’t have much of a struggle to find the right screens no matter how unorthodox your doors and windows are.


Buy a reputable brand that is made to last and you should have a well-ventilated but insect-free home for years to come.

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